dissabte, 15 de novembre de 2014


Monday, 17th November.

Today, we arrived at 16.00 but before we met at 8.00 in IES Sant Quirze and we took the bus to the airport to take the air plane. We took it at 11.40 and we arrived to Valladolid at 13.00. We took another bus to go to another town  and to have lunch. When we finished, we took another time the bus to Villardeciervos. We arrived to Villardeciervos at 17.30 and we met the people who are from Badajoz. We think that they are really friendly and nice. The director of the centre explained to us the rules and after this, we chose the bedroom and we talked with our room mates. We did an activity with our table mates and at night, after have dinner, we did another activity and this, was so nice. At 23.30 we went to our bedrooms and we went to sleep.


Tuesday, 18th November.

We got up at 8 o'clock with knocks of the two teachers of the Badajoz group. At 9 we went to the dinning room and we had breakfast, and then we went to the mountain to "la sierra de la Culebra". The trip was very tired and the explanations were sometimes boring. We had lunch and then we played some football and, after this, we did some workshops. The first was a GPS activity and the second one  we create a cream with Aloe Vera and other ingredients. Now we are writing the blog in a classroom near our bedrooms. in a few minutes we are going to have a shower, then to have dinner. We will have some free time and then the night activities.



Wednesday, 19th November. 

It was a rainy day. We got up at 8 o'clock. At 9 we went to the dinning room and we had breakfast. Then, we got on the bus and we went to Sayago, a region in Zamora. There, we went to the "mirador de las barrancas", there we walk for a long time through the Natural Park and the monitors told us the typical animals and vegetation of there. When we finish the explication, we started a route through the forest. When we finished the rute, we went to have lunch in a bar in the same village. We took the bus again and we went to a village and there was an "Alfareria". There we saw an exposition and the "alfarera" explained us how to create some different gadgets with mud. We have returned by bus to Villardeciervos. During the trip we have sung and talked with our trip mates. We have arrived at the centre and we have had a shower and now we are writing this blog. This night we are going to do a night activity that it will be a workshop.


Thursday, 20th November.

It was a foggy day and planed to visit El Lago de Sanabria. We got up at 8.00, as always, and we had breakfast at 9.00. After the breakfast, we brushed our teeth and we prepared the necessary clothes because if we were wet, we could change our clothes to have lunch and go by bus. We went to the information office to know more about the monitor explained us and after this, we went to the Sanabria's lake. When we arrived to the lake, we went by bus to a town near the lake to have lunch. Then, we went to confirm if the information that the monitor explained before was true. When we finished this, we stopped in front of the honorary statue for the missing people of the river tragedy because one of the monitor wanted to explain us some things about this tragedy. After this, we took the bus to go to La Puebla de Sanabria and the professors gave us some free time to buy some souvenirs for our families. When our free time had finished, we returned by bus to the school. We arrived at 19.00 and we had a half an hour to have a shower and after this we did the blog. After did the blog, we had some free time to talk with our families and friends with our mobile phones. We had lunch at 21.00 and after this, we did a cultural exchange. The cultural exchange was consist of one oral presentation of our classmates and a video of our Badajoz friends. After this, we did a photography competition and the winner of the cometition was the table 2. Then, our teachers decided to do another competition but this time, the competition was about sing. The winners were the odd tables. After these competitions, we thought about this cohabitation and some people started to cry because we were excited and we won't to returned to our towns. We went to sleep at 1.30.


divendres, 14 de novembre de 2014


Friday, 21th November.

Today, was the last day. We got up at 7:45 because we had to made the suitcase and put the eiderdown to clean,when we finished this tasks we went to had breakfast at 9 o'clock. 
When we finished, we brushed our teeth. We did an evaluation of the week and the installations of the centre. And then, the two schools had two hours to work with the classmates about our project. 
At 12:30, the time to work was finished and we went to the dinning room because our teachers want to say something to us, related with our behaviour. They said very positive comments and they made a video with some photos that they did on the trip, and all of students started to cry because they didn't want to return to home, because this week was very special. After that, we had lunch at 13:30, some early because we had to took the bus to Madrid and later the plain to returns to Barcelona, and the Hornachos people had to took the bus to return to their village. We didn't eat anything because we were very nervous and sad. When we finished we went to pick up our suitcase and we started to say goodbye to everyone. It was a very sad farewell, everyone cried, the boys, the girls. We went to Madrid by bus, we spent five hours in the bus, and we arrived to Madrid at 7 o'clock, but the plain left at 10 o'clock. So, we have  dinner on the Barajas Airport and at 9:35 we loaded. We arrived to Barcelona at 11:30 and our families are waiting to us.